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SiLookup validates any PEPPOL (Participant) ID and discloses its service details (for the configured documentID).

The PEPPOL ID consists out of a schemeID and an Identifier (separated by ":"). The (Participant) ID is registered in the SMP-directory, which is a core part of the PEPPOL Infrastructure. The default documentID (Simplerinvoicing Invoice) applied by SiLookup can be changed via the settings (or ServiceGroup get).

The ID can also be validated by checking ServiceGroup (sg checkbox). It will return all supported documentIDs by the participant (if the ID is valid). SiLookup will (optionally) save automatically the first documentID from the result returned as Custom documentID, with which a successful get of the service details can be executed.

With SiLookup a maximum of 5 test ID's can be saved for later or regular use. Select the position (ID1 till ID5) and push the SET-button. The ID in the inputfield will now be saved.With the TEST-button and the selected position the ID can be tested (without re-entering the ID).

Try as an example "9944:NL800486705B01" after selecting "SI-UBL 2.0 Invoice" as documentID via the settings.

The Dutch e-invoicing standard was established in 2013 by the Simplerinvoicing work group (this app followed shortly after it). The choice for PEPPOL has since proven its strong value, for example with the address scheme that the Silookup app has been applying since then and has remained stable and unchanged all this time.

For more information on Dutch PEPPOL authority: check www.peppolautoriteit.nl
For more information on PEPPOL, check www.peppol.eu


You can download the app via this link: SiLookup app
Since May 2021, the app is no longer available via Google Play.

Any questions?

In case you have questions or suggestions about the SiLookup-app, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail. The latest version is currently v1.2h, released 17 February 2020.


The use of the app is at your own risk. The app is provided on an "as is" basis. PhD Software accepts no responsibility for any technical failure of the app.


Below you find some screen images of the SiLookup-app.

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